Licensing Deal

Licensing Deal

What we are looking for our games?

We have built a multi million dollar company, using only free-to-play as a business model. Being profitable since company inception, we outlive a lot of game studios around the globe. Instead of reinventing and rediscover the F2P model for the next years, we offer companies a licensing deal in order to get:
  • New platform partners and portals with extreme exposure
  • Key local partners for mobile and web browsers
  • Co-productions, famous IPs and white-label partners

What makes our proposal so unique?

We created ‘IO Engine’ for Real Time Strategy MMO Games, investing in it more than 1’280’000 man hours. The main architects are part of the team for more than 12 years. Unique Advantages of the ‘IO Engine’:
  • Easy to modify and build new titles
  • Runs on our own Private Cloud Infrastructure
  • The infrastructure is cheap and easy to scale
  • 4x faster response time than the competitors (<80ms)
  • It’s independent from the end user platform
  • All the support systems are build in

The devil is in the detail

We have everything in-house from production to running the product, Game Design, Art, Development, Live Ops, Localization, BI, Marketing and Customer Support. ‘IO Engine’ is a unique Real Time Strategy MMO game engine that is independent from third party services like Google Analytics, AppsFlyer, Zendesk, Unity Ads, etc. Supporting Services built onto ‘IO Engine’:
  • Tracking
  • Big Data Managing and Analysis
  • Traffic Analysis
  • All Systems Self Monitoring
  • Crash Alerts
  • Push Notifications
  • Ads Spend Analysis
  • Promotions
  • Players Behavior
  • Virtual Servers Management
  • Customer Support
So if you are looking for a long-term partner with up and ready engine for free-to-play monetization, better technical performance, lower costs for infrastructure and operations, and you have a famous IP, portal or white-label to offer, drop us a line at