Asset M&A Case Studies


Stage One: The Journey Begins


Siege: World War II is a famous mobile card-based real time strategy game developed in 2018 by Simutronics, an American company located in St. Louis, and published by Imperia Online JSC in 2020. The synergies between our studios and the engagement in such co-productions give the opportunity to launch and promote a world-class game.


We had a similar browser MMORTS title back in 2008 called Global Wars simulated parallel universe, where there are the modern economic, political and warfare systems and technologies to develop states and conquer others. Today, fifteen of our top professionals are responsible for the constant development and improvement in order to deliver quality content to the players in Siege:WW2.

The team adds new features, tournaments and modules on a weekly basis, we keep the game profitable and the roadmap prioritized with new features. For a year we tripled the revenue by adding the best monetization funnel for the game. We did not lose any DAU, even increased it, no expenditures added and decreased the current costs. Just for 2020 Siege: World War II had 19 new updates, each one with a new feature and has been four times featured on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


We have introduced in-game advertising as a monetization model. Since we are fully responsible for our favourite Siege: World War II there have been added 15 additional languages, the community is staying side-by-side everyday to our players which all together made the game to become one of the top strategy games on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


For one and a half years we have given Siege:WW2 a new look and re-energised it by being creative to keep the players happy and give them new excitement within the game! Recently we added the option to change your avatar with many different generals to choose from. One of them is Major General George S. Patton.

Stage Two: External Success


Crush Them All is an idle RPG masterpiece that was developed in 2017 by Godzilab Inc., a top game development studio based in Los Angeles, USA. In June 2021 it was acquired by Stillfront Group and fully operated and published by Imperia Online JSC after.


The game is a great and exquisite combination of gameplay mechanics and good character progression. The team we have assembled for it is composed of more than 15 of our strongest developers, game designers and QAs. A few weeks after the acquisition the game had a new release and each player received a bunch of Flooz promotions thanks to the teamwork between both studios.


When the game came in our hands the first thing our team started to do was to carefully study the code of the game so we are fully aware of how everything works. Of course that did not stop us from already developing new features and modules to make the game even more enjoyable. We watched the playerbase’s activity during different events in the game these past few weeks which allowed us to target the different modifications that can be done to not only boost the performance but to also answer the players’ requests!

As you know, transferring a game is not something done overnight so while some of the developers are working on this case, others are improving the graphics of the game, still complying with the core art of the game which is essentially one of the best and most favourable parts to us. Doing this allows for faster development of updates and releases a.k.a more daily dungeons, more player expeditions and PvP events. We are actively speaking to the community at the Discord channel where we have in-game discussions, updates and commenting on quality of life improvements and balance tweaks.


We know how to make our players happy. And we know how to do it with Crush Them All’s players. The more you play, the more you see. Crush Them All is the first title to be acquired by Stillfront Group, but not the last! We are still in search of great games to be operated by our studio as live-ops are in our core as a game production company with many years of gathering know-hows.

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