Frequently Asked Questions

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[list_item]Who are the courses suitable for?
The courses are suitable for students from 9th, 10th and 11th grade who possess logical thinking and who wish to acquire basic knowledge in JAVA programming.
[list_item]How can I apply?
To apply you should fill out a brief registration form.
Within the form you’ll be able to supply your contact details and to answer any requisite questions.
You need to specify if you’re also applying for the paid course, in case you don’t qualify for a scholarship. You also need to indicate which class sessions you prefer to join (morning or afternoon), in accordance with your regular school schedule.
[list_item]How is the candidate selection performed?
After submitting the application form, you will be notified of your successful registration via confirmation e-mail.

Following that, you will be invited to particpate in the first online test through e-mail and SMS, containing details about the appointed date and time, as well as a link to the test. Short-listed candidates with high scores on the first test, will be invited to attend the second test, which will take place on the premises of the training center. If you qualify for the second test, you will be contacted via the e-mail you provided and through a telephone call. This is the last and decisive stage of the competition. Final qualification is based on the results from the second test.
[list_item]What knowledge and skills will be taught?
Upon successful completion of the course, students gain an applicable knowledge in JAVA and a solid basis for further development in the programming field.
[list_item]How is the full scholarship granted?
Candidates will be graded based on their second test results, and those who qualify among the first 20 will be granted a full scholarship.
[list_item]How and when will you contact me?
Contact with the candidates is conducted via e-mail and SMS, at the start of the qualification process by an employee of IT Talents. Applicants without appropriate registration will not be allowed to participate.
[list_item]How often are classes held?
Classes are held twice a week for two hours every Tuesday and Thursday as follows:
Group 1: 10:30 to 12:30 am
Group 2: 2:30 to 4:30 pm
[list_item]What is the form of training?
The course consists of lectures and practical exercises.
[list_item]In what language are the courses conducted?
Courses are conducted in Bulgarian, but some command of English is desirable.
[list_item]Is attendance mandatory?
[list_item]Do I pay anything up front or any test fees?
No. You only need to pay if you have passed both tests, you qualify in the top range of the class, but you don’t qualify for a scholarship. Full Scholarship grantees don’t need to pay anything.
[list_item]When and where will the courses take place?
The course begins on May 13, 2014 / Tuesday /. Classes are held in our custom-fitted classrooms at:
Sofia 1619 , 1 “Sofiysky geroy” Str., Prima Business Center Street, 11 fl.

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