Happy New Year and Welcome to Winter Games

Vacation is over, people!

We hope you had a very good rest and you successfully closed the previous year, because we are back with a vengeance!
Yesterday, January 4th 2018, the registrations for Imperia Online Winter Games were officially launched.
The snow will fall, along with 15 exciting disciplines, which will test your mettle once again and this time we have some serious surprises cooked up for you:
    There will be hidden disciplines, which the players would have to eventually figure out during the course of the tournament; Imperia Online Weather Module will make its debut in the Winter Games, so prepare for some climate changes; Infirmary and Reinforcements modules will also be part of the competition for even more fun times;

So, wax your ski, clean your goggles and get your sleigh out of the closet - it's time to meet the winter - Imperia Online style!

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